Breaking through to the heART of your business

We help leaders to engage their teams and build excitement for a shared vision. Based on sophisticated, creative and collaborative experiences, we inspire leaders and teams to see what is possible, adapt to change and embrace opportunity.

Visionary Leadership

Visionary Leadership

Is your vision worth bottling?  How do you articulate a vision that draws people in and speaks to what others see and feel?


Team Engagement

Team Engagement

Go beyond typical team building to engage your team or your organisation, Get them inspired, excited and committed to bringing your vision to life.



You are sitting on a wealth of untapped creativity – find out how to access it…..

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creative team building

“The Mind Gallery has done it again! Drawing out (pun deliberate) the creativity and inner artist from our leadership team would not have been possible without the deeply engaging and creative process lead by The Mind Gallery. Our piece of art More…

I congratulate you on your role as MC for our National Forums. Your natural engagement with the audience ensured their immediate attention. Your ability to keep the program flowing, whilst creatively involving the delegates, resulted in More…


The Downstream-One project conducted by Shell in Australia brought together a large team from diverse ethnic and professional backgrounds. The team had to get up to speed quickly to meet the critical deadlines that More…

Earlier this year we were faced with the challenge of launching a new Vision & Mission for our Retail business. We wanted to launch it in a creative, innovative way that would be memorable and stick with all our staff. More…

australia post creative team building

Just try to imagine the senior finance staff at Australia Post dressed in smocks and preparing a significant piece of art. Not easy, but successfully orchestrated by the team at the Mind Gallery. More…

Creating a symbol of our future has helped us on our journey to align our leaders with our new business strategy. It was a fun, highly creative and interactive way to bring over 300 leaders More…