About us

Our purpose is to inspire people to truly see what is possible and to connect and have fun while they bring their visions to life.   We work with leaders that want to develop inspired, engaged teams that share their passion and excitement about what is possible.

We walk our talk every day;  We have diverse skill sets, cultures and backgrounds, which we cherish, as it significallty enhances our collective IQ.   Our team is spread across different states of Australia and even across different countries, but this doesn’t stop us from getting together, sharing and growing new ideas, and continually inspiring each other.

We have been inspiring leaders and teams since the start of the millennium (2000).   Back then we could never have dreamed of the success we would have, and the amazing people and organisations that we would call our clients – and in many case friends.

In 2010 we asked our clients if we could borrow their artwork for an exhibition to celebrate our 10th anniversary.   Everyone was completely on board and were proud to take part, in fact every part of running the exhibition was supported by our customers.  The Hilton gave us their lobby space and catered for the opening night.  NAB covered the insurance, Toll Sensitive Freight looked after the transport of all of the artwork (70 pieces form all over Australia) and Integrity looked after PR.   We were incredibly proud of the work, but more so of the relationships that we build with our clients.


Trish Shilton

Trish Shilton

Hi Im Trish, I’m probably a lot like you….I know where I want to go, and I want to have fun getting there!  I love working with a team of people that inspire me as much as I inspire them .   I have a vision and a passion for helping teams to think without boundaries and truly see what is possible. I am constantly amazed by what people can do if they are invested in a vision, and I believe that with the right people around me I can achieve anything. I like to make work fun, in fact if its not fun, Im not interested.

In 1999 I was working with all sorts of teams helping them to gain skills in leadership, sales, customer service etc. It was during this time that I realised that the training I was giving was going to make little or no difference to the teams success.

I found that most teams are on a different page to their leader, and not just junior teams, this is consistent all the way to the senior leadership team. Leading teams that do not share your vision and passion is like wading through porridge; the leader knows where they want to go but they feel like they are dragging their team along with them.

I realised that these teams did not need skills training, they just needed to be on the same page as their leader. If I could come up with way to duplicate the leaders vision, passion and purpose, across their team, I would be providing something that would actually make a difference.

The answer came in a most unexpected package..I met an artist who inspired my thinking around art as a way to express what words cannot, and just like that the Team Mural™ was born.  To this day, the Team Mural™ is unique not only in Australia but internationally. Team Murals now hang in corporate foyers and boardrooms across Australia and Internationally, providing ongoing inspiration and bringing dreams and aspirations to life.

I consider myself to be very lucky to do what I do. Whether I am delivering a keynote, MCing a conference, facilitating a workshop or working with leaders to help them to discover thier BIGpicture™, I am constantly inspired by seeing people excited by possibility, brimming with ideas, working together and valuing each others potential.

Karlie Gartner

Karlie Gartner

Hi, my name is Karlie, and I’m affectionately known as the resident alchemist.
I’m passionate about connecting ideas, experiences, interactions and passions to synthesize a story greater than the sum of its parts. This is essentially how I landed at the Mind Gallery.

As a qualified Art Therapist, an Accessories Designer and Marketing Specialist (to name but a few colourful titles I have collected along the way), I found my creative spirit drawn to the Mind Gallery and its’ mission, following years of frustration in rigid corporate work environments.

Working with the Mind Gallery provides me the opportunity to tap into many of my interests and experiences as I work both in and on the business to contribute a unique perspective to the larger conversations we all ponder about life in a time of exponential change.

I love connecting with people to unlock and explore their creativity. There’s nothing more inspiring and exhilarating for me than witnessing a group come alive and get excited about a shared idea, then work as a team to breathe life into their vision in a very symbolic and creative way. Seeing the learning and creative experience we facilitate extend well beyond the time we spend with our clients is the icing on the cake.

Jess Cook

Jess Cook

Hi Im Jess, l manage the Mind Gallery Sydney team and I am also the director of Token Imagination, a creative enterprise that ‘build’s playgrounds for the Imagination’.

Over the last 12 years I have racked up many a project in theatre, print, online, radio, public art and film.   I thrive on collaboration, innovation and adventure and have worked in both community and corporate arenas.  I have enjoyed major roles in projects featured in Underbelly Public Arts festival, Sydney Festival, Art & About Sydney, Creative Sydney (ViVID) and The Australian Poetry Festival.

I am also a founding member and Creative Director of 107 Projects, a new NPO managing a large hybrid art space in the heart of Redfern.
I became an artist as I am inspired by seeing what the human imagination can do… being able to imagine something and then realise it by sharing it with other people, well thats just magic.   When I realised that if you become an artist you can just keep make-believing into your adult life I was like, Yes Please!

I love the way the Mind Gallery engages people through creativity… in a way that is fun and surprising.  Its all about team work and collaboration… thats what creates the best outcome.

I think the most inspiring aspect of the workshops for me, is the way people come to life through painting as a group… the way participants go from being shy and timid, to not being able to put the brush down, is just incredible. The Mind Gallery workshops leave everybody excited about what they had just achieved together… they become passionate creatives within the time span of one workshop… so its really exciting to see people expressing themselves and feeling re-focused and happy.



Señor New

Señor New

Hi, my name is Señor, but you can call me Señ.

I hail originally from Sydney, but transplanted to Melbourne (via Hobart) to follow my love of the arts, managing and curating galleries, and working as a professional artist in my own right. In tune with that, I work with Trish as a Lead Artist for the Mind Gallery, and as an all round raving devotee taboot.

I was first inspired to pursue art, after having visited an exhibition in Berlin back in 1997. All it took was one painting, and I was stolen by the raw potential for expressing the inexpressible, and connecting with people directly on a human level. Returning to Australia, I enrolled into a bachelor degree of fine arts with Newcastle University, continuing on to complete my Masters in painting with the College of Fine Arts (COFA) in Sydney.

I think it was that potential for expression, and connecting with others that drew me to the Mind Gallery initially, but since then, having worked with a diverse range of teams (both large and small), I have experienced so much more than that.   Experiencing the change in people as they come out of their shells and drop their guard, discovering strengths in their colleagues (and themselves) they never expected. Hearing the most brilliant of ideas being discussed.. and of course, realising that as a team, they can pull off some amazingly creative work.  It is easily the most satisfying job i have ever had.

Gemma-Lark Johnson

Gemma-Lark Johnson

Hi all, the name is Gemma-Lark, but if that is too much of a mouthful I also answer to Gem, Gemma or Red.

I’m a multi-disciplinary Artist based primarily in the city of dribbling windows (Melbourne), thoug I spend a fair bit of my time traveling nationally and abroad as a scenic artist for film, TV and theatre, a graphic designer, sculptor, cabaret performer and workshop facilitator.

I ran away with the circus (literally) after graduating from my dramatic art degree at NIDA, where I majored in set design. I then found myself working for a number of years building, designing and painting sets for some of Australia’s most exciting circus artists. I would like to say that being this busy and on the road with a motley bunch of circus folk kept me out of trouble, but I would be telling fibs. These years have and still do, provide me with beautiful inspiration that I constantly draw on as an Artist.

It was roughly 7 years ago that I first worked for the Mind Gallery as a support artist in Sydney. Since then, I’ve been a part of countless, inspiring MG adventures, in the roles of Lead Artist, design consultant and workshop facilitator.

The reason I work in the arts is because I truly believe in the power of radical self expression (be that on an individual or company level) and see the visual arts as a tool that provides access to a mode of creative thinking that has the capability to empower, energize and invigorate all who come into contact with it.

At the MG, we are enabling our workshop participants will the tools needed to tap into a creativity that, in many, has been lying dormant since childhood. Our workshops provide a safe, energizing environment where the participants are able and expertly encouraged to explore an imaginative fearlessness. We get to watch them as they become creative comrades, armed with brushes and paint.     It really is an amazing thing to bare witness to!

Rob Scholten

Rob Scholten

Greetings! My name is Rob and I’m one of the artists at Mind Gallery. I don’t know exactly what inspires me to create, but it’s something I love doing every day. Being an artist means being in your own head… a lot. So with Mind Gallery, it’s awesome to get into other peoples heads for a change!

And it may sound cliche, but it’s rewarding to help people break their barriers, get creative, and achieve more than they ever thought possible.The experience extends beyond the workshops – Mind Gallery is a fantastically fun group to be involved with!


Lachlan Frank McGuiness OAM

Lachlan Frank McGuiness OAM

Hi Im Lachlan Frank McGuiness OAM,  but you can call me Lokie.   I work as an artist with the Mind Gallery in Sydney.

I decided to become an artist when my Mum showed me a bust of my grandfather she had made, and I was inspired by the way art could convey life.

I like skill sharing with people and Mind Gallery is a great medium to do this.  The most inspiring part of working with the Mind Gallery is when Trish gets fabulous and the excitement in peoples eyes when they are about to paint.