Trish Shilton

Inspiring you to see opportunities

Trish is the founder and Director of Inspiration at The Mind Gallery.

She designs and delivers adventurous and imaginative experiences, where individuals and their ideas can thrive


Want a fun, creative and collaborative workshop?

Trish believes that the driest of  topics can be presented in a fun and engaging way.

She creates a safe space to get out of the box, gives people permission to play and watches the pennies drop, as all sorts of wonderful things happen.


From the kick off your audience will know this is going to be different to the usual conference experience. The room is filled with laughter and camaraderie, even the speakers are more fired up than normal. The event sizzles with excitement for where the company is going, and what is possible. It culminates with a grand finale that captures the energy and ideas and keep the inspiration going.


Trish’s passion for inspiring teams is infectious as she connects with her audience and their brings their vision for what is possible into clear focus.

It is possible to energise your team so that they show up everyday with the same vision and passion that you have. It is possible to unlock their creative potential, and it is possible to have fun doing it.

The keynote is tailored to your audience and time availability, with engagement and fun being paramount in the design and delivery.



Trish worked with the leadership team to shape the workshop and then arranged for “art” to be the medium through which the participants could engage, understand and then convey their story to support the overall outcomes of the day. It was a fun day and yet we managed to discuss some important issues.  Trish brings great energy, enthusiasm and creativity in facilitating the session but also ensured we achieved the goals of the day.

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