Activating Creativity

John Holland
Team Mural by John Holland

Imagineering is what happens when imagination ignites innovation.

When you start by imagining what is possible, challenging your status quo is easy. We make this happen through inspiring experiences, linked to a creative process that is focused on your Vision.

On the day, you wake up knowing that today is going to be different, there is a little bit of fear mixed with excitement…your creative mind is already opening up. After the experience you are incredibly inspired and while that feeling is pumping the blood through your veins, you capture it to fuel a new perspective on what is possible for you, your team, your organisation.

Imagineering Off Site

Half Day / Full Day Experience

Open your mind and do something epic! As you deep dive into a heart pumping experience, let your imagination wander free to discover what is possible in a world with no limits, no time frame, no rules, no customers, no employees. There is plenty of time to adapt your ideas to the real world, once your imagination has done its job. The future belongs to the bold!!

What you get

  • Inspiring Shared Experience
  • Minds opened up to possibility
  • Right Brain Stimulated
  • Creative thinking tools
  • Min 10 new ideas per person
  • Psychological Anchor

The experience that you choose is the fuel for your imagination. There are no limits to the type of experience, here are a few ideas…Hot Air Ballooning, Car Racing, Sky Diving, Horse Riding, Go Karting, Sailing, Trapeze, Swimming with the sharks.

Imagineering On Site

2+ hour experience

Climb out of the box, and take in a big breath of fresh perspective – ahhh I can feel the cogs turning already. Dabbling in any fun, creative pursuit will open up your imagination, and allow you to see with a new perspective. Just for a little while you can let your hair down, think without constraint, indulge in the ridiculous, and trust in your oh so powerful but much ignored right brain to bring you answers to those seemingly impossible problems.

What you get

  • Creative Shared Experience
  • Mind opened up to possibility
  • Right Brain Stimulated
  • Creative thinking tools
  • Min 10 new ideas per person
  • Psychological Anchor

Choose from Painting. Drawing, Sculpting, Improv, Writing, Singing, Games.

Team Mural Activation

1+ hour experience

Bring your vision to life, by activating the ideas from your Team Mural. Each canvas from your Mural becomes the inspiration for an Imagineering workshop.

It really got me thinking differently about where I am and where I want to be.  It would be great for teams that are planning for the future, looking at where they can improve, where they can communicate better…there are so many things you can use it for, I recommend it.

Laurie Serafini – Passionate about people