Team Mural™

Capturing your Vision and Formula for Success

creative team building bp with drop shadow

Anything is possible for your team, when you inspire the same passion that you have for your Vision, Strategy or BIGpicture™.

The Team Mural™ is the worlds most motivational and creative team building activity.  It inspires excitement and ownership for the success of your business, that has a lasting effect.

The amazing artwork and stories provide ongoing inspiration for all involved, and are a powerful communication tool for other key stakeholders in your success.

The Team Mural™ is also a great leadership workshop, where the leadership team focus on strategy and create a powerful tool to communicate it throughout the organisation.

Leaders that have done the BIGpicture™ leadership workshop, can use the Team Mural™ to duplicate their drive, passion and purpose across their team.

The Team Mural™ workshop facilitation and overall artistic concept are custom designed to your needs and desired outcomes.

  • Engage hearts and minds with your vision
  • Generate ideas to bring the vision to life
  • Break through limited thinking
  • Develop a sense of shared vision and purpose
  • Shape a feeling of identity and collaboration
  • Generate an atmosphere of fun and high energy
  • Create a foundation of thinking that will continue into ongoing development

The Event

On the day laughter and creative energy is high, ideas are flying and it is all being captured in pictures!

Then get ready for an unbelievalbe experience, as professional artists assist you in creating an amazing artwork, that you will be proud of for years to come.

Then the painting starts, and the passion and ideas come to life before your eyes.   At the end of the session your work is lovingly transported to our studio where it is assembled into one collaborative masterpiece and (ever so slightly) enhanced.

The Unveiling

The art is enhanced ready to unveil shortly after the event, for a terrific WOW factor and further celebration.

This can involve as much pomp and ceremony as you would like. We can help with music and design a slide show of action shots taken during the event.  You may even like to invite other areas of the business to the unveiling to showcase your team and spread your message.

Ongoing Inspiration

The art is a powerful psychological anchor for the vision.

Uses for the final art piece go far begond hanging it on the wall; strategic documents, reports, slide shows, newsletter stories to personalized gifts; it is up to your imagination!

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