Team photo shoot

Inspiring a different perspective or capturing your business goals, by looking from a different angle.  Your team could leave this workshop seeing their possibilities in a whole new way!

The Event:

Lights, cameras action!!   The team will explore a key business theme through the lens of digital photography. The Photo Shoot will capture more than pictures alone, it will capture the hearts and minds of your participants and bring the passion together in a unique piece of art.

At the end of the session your work is lovingly transported to our studio where it is assembled into one big picture and (ever so slightly) enhanced ready for unveiling.

The Unveiling:

The art is enhanced ready to unveil shortly after the event, for a terrific WOW factor and further celebration.  This can involve as much pomp and ceremony as you would like. We can help with music and design a slide show of action shots taken during the event.  You may even like to invite other areas of the business to the unveiling to showcase your team and spread your message.  If the Team Mural is part of a conference, we may even be able to have it ready to unveil as part of the conference close.

Ongoing Use:

Uses for the final art piece are limitless;

Internal/External Marketing

Branding strategic documents, reports, slide shows, newsletter stories, personalized gifts; it is up to your imagination.

Professional Development

The art becomes a strong psychological anchor, and therefore ongoing professional development programs can be created around the art.