The theBIGpicture™ delivers a totally unique experience from other leadership development programs or activities.

This is a leadership development activity that connects you with your key drivers in an exciting and creative way.

By creatively exploring the times in your life that you have thrived, you will plainly see why you do what you do, and how to empower yourself to achieve it.  This takes your ability to inspire, from a hit and miss gut feeling, to something you can trust, clearly articulate and put into use immediately.

  • Build your dream team; attract people that believe what you believe
  • Be visible; people don’t care what you do, they care why you do it
  • Perform; create the perfect environment to thrive
  • Enjoy; develop deep satisfaction from your role
  • Grow; see new opportunities quickly and clearly

theBIGpicture™ has leadership development activities for individuals as well leadership workshops for teams.

When the entire leadership team understands their collective big picture, they will authentically project purpose and meaning behind everything they do.   The leadership team will imagine creative solutions to problems, communicate effectively across boundaries and remain resilient amid constant change.