The whole experience exceeded my expectations. The workshop itself was motivating and informative. A real added bonus was having a permanent reminder of our values and not to forget beautiful art piece to hang in the foyer. We regularly give clients a tour of our offices and take great pleasure in telling the story behind the picture.

The Mind Gallery presented a wonderful opportunity for team building and bonding in a creative and non-stereotypical way. Our team learnt a lot but also had loads of laughs. A very successful exercise for all concerned.

Our aim in using the services of the Mind Gallery was to get the team focused on our collective purpose and values and to build skills in communication, collaboration along the way. The art connection worked brilliantly by triggering a creative capacity that people didn’t; know they had.
It instantly linked themes and ideas that have stayed with people long after the conference. The tangible reminder in the artwork on the office wall delivers on the promise. Congratulations and thanks Mind Gallery

We had the pleasure of working with the Mind Gallery in 2007 as part of our HR Team Offsite in 2007. As a team we wanted to explore through images our identity and the value we bring to the business. The image itself was not as important as the creation – of having everyone contribute to, and provide insights into the way in which we engage and partner with our business. We brain stormed ideas and generated words that best describes us and then set about deconstructing the traditional methods of representing these words to bring out the uniqueness and personality of the team. Our final image is one that captures our essence – warm, rich reds and vibrant colours representing the passion and strength of the group. The team thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was loads of fun and our memento is proudly featured in one of our main HR training room.

We engaged the Mind Gallery to assist us in bringing together a disparate group of highly skilled people from business and technology teams. While there was initial trepidation (creativity isn’t our strong suit!), our people responded really well to the cleverly engineered session. Once smocked-up, the creative juices flowed and our masterpiece is now proudly on display in the newly formed Management Information Competency Centre. I can highly recommend the Mind Gallery as something right out of the box to build team rapport, develop a vision, and have a great time along the way.

Thank you, and your team, for facilitating a very successful event at The Age which has culminated in the unveiling of a truly unique piece of artwork created by my leadership team under the guidance of yourself and your artists. The artwork represents extraordinarily well the strategic focus of my group for the year ahead and tells the ‘story’ they developed after working through the key objectives and challenges ahead of us.  This has been a wonderful experience for all participants and I will not doubt rave about it to my many colleagues and friends for some time to come.

Thank you for everything.  A great few days, controlled with humour and passion.  We really enjoyed the experience!

As always, the consummate professional – you made all the difference.


The process of understanding a leaders “big picture”, through to the completion of the team workshop, was exhilarating, inclusive and collaborative and really made an impact on my marketing team.
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We engaged Trish Shilton from the Mind Gallery to MC our conference in May 2014 that brought together a newly formed Group Finance team that included the IT function and brought together teams from across 2 separate businesses. More…