Start with Why

start with why
Team Mural by Coles Express Leadership Team

To break through to the heart of your leadership, your team or your entire organisation you need to know what is inspiring it. To begin drawing the mind map to your inspiration, theBIGpicture starts by asking WHY?

WHY is your fountain of inspiration, the guiding purpose that drives you and gives meaning to what you do.

Without your WHY you’re essentially stabbing in the dark. Once unlocked, your WHY acts as a flood light, giving you the confidence and foresight take the opportunities that drive you, excite you and ignite your core beliefs.

You can unlock the WHY for yourself OR your team.



The myBIGpicture workshop is a half day of creative exploration starting with the times in your life that you’ve thrived. We unpack those experiences and uncover the drivers that made those achievements happen. These drivers are the building blocks of your WHY.

What would your world look like if you could feel inspired and energised everyday?  Tell me about the workshop


The teamBIGpicture workshop is a hands on day of visual creativity, storytelling and connectivity that captures the collective WHY that bonds your group. As a team you will collectively devise a statement that embodies your teams unique purpose and concisely describes what they’re passionate about.

With a team unified by a collective WHY you can create a positive and productive work environment where trust and cooperation are the norm, not the exception. Your team will feel united and energised to make a positive and lasting impact. People feel valued, support one another and love going to work.

What would be possible if your whole team were connected and united around a common WHY?

The process of understanding a leaders “big picture”, through to the completion of the team workshop, was exhilarating, inclusive and collaborative…

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CPA –Murray Cherary,
Executive General Manager Brand