theBIGpicture™ Workshop

Inspiring Leadership

To break through to the heart of your leadership, your team or your entire organisation you need to know what is inspiring it. To begin drawing the mind map to your inspiration, theBIGpicture starts by asking WHY?

What is inspiring you?  What is inspiring your team? 

myBIGpicture workshop

Invest in a half day that is all about you, as you are guided through a creative journey, to understand and articulate your individual WHY—the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you and those around you.

Understand the concept of theBIGpicture
We will break down the overall concept to make it easy to understand your WHY, HOW and WHAT, and see how they can empower you or hold you back.

Discover and articulate your unique WHY and HOWs.
By unpacking the times that you have thrived, you will discover the origin of your WHY and see HOW to empower yourself bring it to life. You will create a virtual filter to view your world, and set a clear line of sight to your future success.

Access to Mentoring
One month of ongoing mentoring is available to you to make sure that you are embedding the learning by applying it practically.

Get the app
The myBIGpicture app is designed to help you to capture the ideas and inspiration to drive your momentum forward, and is included at no additional cost.

Who should attend?

Leaders –  Inspire people to act!  Build a culture based on shared purpose and authentic values.

Entrepreneurs – Attract customers that believe what you believe and build your business by word of mouth.

Professionals – Be an oasis of excellence in a sea of mediocrity by leading with WHY you do what you do, rather than just what you do.

Upcoming workshops

Melbourne – first Monday of every second month

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7th October, 2019, 9.30am – 1.00pm
2nd December, 2019 9.30am – 1.00pm
Numbers are limited to 5 attendees

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teamBIGpicture Workshop

The teamBIGpicture workshop is a hands on day of visual creativity, storytelling and collaboration that captures the collective WHY that bonds your group. As a team you will collectively devise a statement that embodies your teams unique purpose and concisely describes what they’re passionate about.

With a team unified by a collective WHY you can create a positive and productive culture where trust and cooperation are the norm, not the exception. Your team will feel united and energised to make a positive and lasting impact. People feel full-filled and valued, and naturally support one another.

What would be possible if your whole team were connected and heartfelt and inspiring BIG picture?

The process of understanding a leaders “big picture”, through to the completion of the team workshop, was exhilarating, inclusive and collaborative…

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CPA –Murray Cherary,
Executive General Manager Brand