Follow your dreamers


What would your innovation culture look like if this were your ethos?

In weak companies, the dreamers are expected to serve the planners. In great companies, the planners feel inspired to serve the dreamers -Simon Sinek.

As a dreamer myself I can tell you that even the slightest interest shown is incredibly energising.  Mostly we do not feel heard and defiantly not understood, but when we do, we give back 100 fold.  The energy behind that spark of innovation is contagious, and if you know how to fan that spark, the possibilities are endless.

What are you doing to energise your dreamers? Listen to them, encourage them, give them space to dream. Never put boundaries on them, let them colour outside of the box, that is where the good stuff happens.

We did this Team Mural in the Kimberly with Rio Tinto’s top diamond sales people.  The Kimberly is such a spiritual and inspiring place, but you don’t have to be in the Kimberly to release those dreams and shoot for the stars, it can happen anywhere.

Dream on!

13 Jul