Trish Shilton

Inspiring Success; MC, Speaker, Facilitator, Mentor

Trish is the founder of The Mind Gallery and a self-described Corporate Muse. She is an inspiring and creative MC, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Mentor. Trish believes that it is possible for anyone to turn their profession into an art form; “at the end of the day the fruits of your labours should be a source of inspiration.”

As a senior corporate leader turned facilitation bombshell, Trish has developed a unique perspective when it comes to energising and inspiring people to act. Influenced by Simon Sinek, Andy Warhol and the Absolutely Fabulous Dame Edna Everage, she aspires to move organisations out of their comfort zones in order to develop adventurous and imaginative workplaces, where individuals and their ideas can thrive.

Master of Ceremonies

Trish partners with her clients to create inspiring, fun events that connect people and ideas in an exciting way.

From the kick off your audience will know this is going to be different to the usual conference experience. The room is filled with laughter and camaraderie, even the speakers are more fired up than normal. The event sizzles with excitement for where the company is going, and what is possible. It culminates with a grand finale that captures the energy and ideas and keep the inspiration going.

Keynote Speaker

Trish is all about inspiring you to see what is possible. Her keynote topics are fun and interactive but most of all real.

Mastering the  art of Connection
Trish unpacks the amusing and entertaining story of how The Mind Gallery was born, through two highly unlikely  connections, and a whacky idea. The story illustrates that almost everything we do to ensure success, comes back to the connection with ourselves, with others and with ideas. How are you connecting your dots? What picture would it be? What picture would you like it to be?

Breaking through to the heart of your leadership
What is pumping blood through your team? Today’s leaders  focus their attention on logic and reasoning with their team, but to truly inspire and energise your team you need to know what lies at its heart.

Finding your creativity
The process of school, work and generally fitting in, has ground much of our creativity to a nub. In fact 98% of our innate creativity is suppressed by the time we are 7 years old.  What if you could get it back? You are potentially sitting on a gold mine!


Trish believes that even the driest topic can be a fun, creative and collaborative experience. She creates a safe space to get out of the box, gives people permission to play and watches the pennies drop as all sorts of wonderful things happen.


Inspire your team, colour your leadership, or craft a captivating presentation?

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I congratulate you on your role as MC for our National Forums. Your natural engagement with the audience ensured their immediate attention. Your ability to keep the program flowing, whilst creatively involving the delegates, resulted in a day of great learning, open conversation and an intelligent appreciation of the…

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NESA – Carole Gregson
Conference Business Manager

Trish worked with the leadership team to shape the workshop and then arranged for “art” to be the medium through which the participants could engage, understand and then convey their story to support the overall outcomes of the day. It was a fun day and yet we managed to discuss some important issues.  Trish brings great energy, enthusiasm and creativity in facilitating the session but also ensured we achieved the goals of the day.

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Creative Team Building, Conference MC

Asahi Beverages – Sandeep Chitale
General Manager Business Services

Trish helps her audience feel relaxed, but always alert and engaged. Great blend of relaxed humour with sharp, professional presentation.

creative conference mc

Department of Employment – Phillip Davis
Senior Manager IT Strategy & Governance

Thank you for everything.  A great few days, controlled with humour and passion.  We really enjoyed the experience!

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NZ Post – Gary Woodham
CEO Datam