Build a creative team culture

Photo by Scott Webb from Burst

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

Challenge your status quo with fast fun and fabulous bursts of creative inspiration, that bond the team, and open up imagination. 

Climb out of the box, and take in a big breath of fresh perspective – ahhh I can feel the cogs turning already. Dabbling in any fun, creative pursuit will open up your imagination, and allow you to see with a new perspective. Just for a little while you can let your hair down, think without constraint, indulge in the ridiculous, and trust in your oh so powerful but much ignored right brain to bring you answers to those seemingly impossible problems.


  • 1 hour facilitated creativity coaching session
  • Stimulating Team Experience
  • Collaborative creative thinking tools


Team Mural Activation

Bring your vision to life, by activating the ideas from your Team Mural. Each canvas from your Mural becomes the inspiration for an Imagineering workshop.