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Over 87% of companies fail to execute their strategy

Despite developing well thought out strategic plans, research shows that only 13% of companies are successfully executing them. On paper it all makes perfect sense, but getting genuine buy-in is difficult.  People will agree to almost anything if it is logical and makes sense, but unfortunately the stuff that makes us act is not logical, it is emotional. So we see the best laid plans being suffocated by, silo’d thinking, unproductive meetings, dropping the ball on key initiatives, and a general unwillingness to go the extra mile, which impacts on innovation, collaboration and trust.

In order to accept change, live your values and bring your vision to life your people must be inspired, emotionally attached and be able to see a link to their personal drivers.

But what tools does the leader have to do this? The usual scenario is to launch the Vision, Strategy, Values etc at conferences and retreats where people are way from business as usual. But the reality is that mostly the team are subjected from death by powerpoint from too many speakers, and whatever motivation, and excitement is generated, is soon lost when they get back to work, to face overflowing in boxes and business as usual. Within a matter of days, a minimum of 90% of the total investment is lost. 

The Mind Gallery are all about visionary leadership and engagement that opens up the mind to what is possible. We carefully craft creative team engagement workshops to inspire lasting passion and ownership for your theme.

King & Wood Mallesons

Each workshop uses creative process, so there is the added benefit of creativity and ideas generation. Literally hundreds of ideas are captured to be used post event.

All of the senses are at play within the workshop design and the output is a gallery standard inspirational artwork, created by your team to capture the essence of your theme.


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This does not just impress your peers :)  It anchors the energy, excitement and core purpose behind your strategy and increases the retention rate by more than 400%.

The masterpiece often hangs in a place of pride, so it continues to be a source of inspiration for all involved, plus new staff, partners and other key stakeholders. Opportunities to use digital versions of your inspirational masterpiece are limitless.

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