Team Blend™

Inspiring Collaboration

Sit back and watch your teams unique blend of talent, knowledge and experience working in harmony.

The Team Blend™ is one of the most powerful creative team building exercises to model the power of collaboration and capture it in a beautiful lasting artwork.

The colour pallet is the metaphor for team work.   The artpiece is a strong composition of several colours that compliment each other, just as each team member’s, knowledge , experience and attitude compliments the others.

creative team building exercisesTake three primary colours and the energy and passion of your team and you have a recipe for inspiration!

A Team Blend™ creative team building exercise runs for between one to two hours and is high energy fun from start to finish.

Colour is used as a metaphor for team work.  The right set of colours just works well together!

Your team will develop hundreds of team building ideas as we creatively explore your theme using colour.

Then using mixing, blending and application techniques, an original artwork comes to life before your eyes.

It is a high energy, fun team building experience, that highlights how the right blend of people/resources/ideas make a huge difference to the end result.

Team Building exercises MelbourneOngoing Use

Showcase the power of getting your formula right.

The art is a brilliant reminder for your team, and also a great way to showcase your team to the rest of the organisation.

Brand strategic documents, reports, slide shows, newsletter stories, personalized gifts; it is up to your imagination!