You are currently working with 2% of your creative potential

When your team are inspired about where they are going and why, they will naturally be more innovative around how to get there. But at the rate of exponential change, the world is likely to look a whole lot different when you do.

Toying with being innovative will not cut it – you need to go beyond creative thinking and adopt brand new thinking. Innovative thinking might keep you in business, but to capitalise on the wave of new opportunity that is coming, you need to be brave, agile and responsive…the future will not tolerate the unimaginative.

But how do you do that when 98% of our innate creativity has been suppressed by the time we are 7? Imagine for a minute what the world would look like if we couple keep even 10%… What would  be possible for your business if you could get back even 1%?

The good news is you can, because it is not lost, just suppressed.