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Muse: a source of inspiration (Merriam-webster dictionary)

Trish Shilton Conference MC

Make your conference investment truly count.

Let it inspire a shared sense of purpose that fosters innovation and collaboration, and watch that energy gather momentum long after the event has finished.

Australian Business spend more than $28 Billion per year on conferencing, not counting the time cost. Sadly 90% of the conference investment is lost within a week.

You can usually be assured that you are going to be well fed and watered at most conferences, but there really is no such thing as a free lunch.  Delegates are expected to suffer through a gruelling schedule of too many well meaning but clumsy presentations, while they worry about what is going on back at the office.   Even when the event has been a success, the excitement, collaboration and ideas are quickly forgotten as people get back to business as usual.   Don’t let this be the case with your next event.

Trish Shilton motivational speakerTrish Shilton is founder of The Mind Gallery and a modern day Muse. Her energy is infectious, as she creates a safe space to play and imagine. Creativity, connection, friendship, and fun are weaved throughout your business goals, opening hearts and minds to possibility.

Every drop of excitement is captured by using artistic process to anchor every message, increasing retention by over 400%.

The experience starts before your event, as Trish works along side you from the beginning with you to inspire ideas you would never have dreamed of!