Team Mural™ Workshop

Inspiring Creative Teams

creative team building bp with drop shadow
Team mural by BP Retail Leadership Team

In 3 hours or less your team will be engaged, energised and inspired by your vision, values or strategic goals. They will develop literally hundreds of ideas to bring your unique Team Mural™ to life, capturing their passion in a fabulous artwork designed to inspire long after the workshop is over.

That’s right, a corporate workshop that is guaranteed NOT to bore the socks of your team, how is this possible?

Imagine walking into your favourite function centre, pressing play on James Brown’s ‘I feel good’ and popping a bottle of bubbly. This sets the scene for creative collaboration, conversation and shared vision. Pick up a paint brush and it’s time to get down to business…

The Mind Gallery’s Team Mural™ is the most inspiring and innovative team building activity in the business. Contact our fearless leader Trish to rediscover that business and fun can go hand in hand and inquire about a Team Mural™ for your group.

Fully customised to suite your team’s, style and budget.

“The Mind Gallery has done it again! Drawing out (pun deliberate) the creativity and inner artist from our leadership team would not have been possible without the deeply engaging and creative process lead by The Mind Gallery. Our piece of art is fabulous, the team building outcome priceless! Our deep appreciation and sincere thanks go to Trish, Darren and the clever local artists!”

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CSIRO – Warwick McDonald
Research Director | Water Resource Management
CSIRO Land and Water Flagship

Team Mural Unveiling

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