Asahi Beverages

The move to our new head office in Southbank was the perfect opportunity to stop for a moment and celebrate our new ‘home’ and the opportunities that brings.

We knew that the culture we wanted to create in our new office must start from day one. With our Melbourne based team members under one roof, we have the ability to harness the knowledge, talent and power of such a diverse group of people. By forging a culture of connection and collaboration, we have a virtual kaleidoscope of possibility.

It’s for this reason that we decided to create something symbolic for our move to the new office. We decided to do something creative, taking people out of their comfort zones and allowing them to spend time together – connecting, collaborating and creating.

The mural that we co-created is a stunning testament to the creativity, passion and wholeheartedness of our connections. It’s a true reflection of our values and aspirations translated in colour, form and vibrant energy.

I am very happy with the final artwork and every piece within it; delighted that even though the theme for the artwork started off as ‘personal growth’, it naturally evolved into
Growing Together.

14 Mar