As always, the consummate professional – you made all the difference.

In July 2010 we had the pleasure of partnering with the Mind Gallery. In a fun and engaging way, we succeeded in representing the key 8 components of our More…

Trish helps her audience feel relaxed, but always alert and engaged. Great blend of relaxed humour with sharp, professional presentation.

We had the pleasure of working with the Mind Gallery in 2007 as part of our HR Team Offsite in 2007. As a team we wanted to explore through images our identity and the value we bring to the business. The image itself was not as important as the creation – of having everyone contribute to, and provide insights into the way in which we engage and partner with our business. We brain stormed ideas and generated words that best describes us and then set about deconstructing the traditional methods of representing these words to bring out the uniqueness and personality of the team. Our final image is one that captures our essence – warm, rich reds and vibrant colours representing the passion and strength of the group. The team thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it was loads of fun and our memento is proudly featured in one of our main HR training room.

The Mind Gallery presented a wonderful opportunity for team building and bonding in a creative and non-stereotypical way. Our team learnt a lot but also had loads of laughs. A very successful exercise for all concerned.

Inspiring and what a journey!

Usually conferences are quite dull until you get into the seminars, but from word go Trish got my attention. She took me on a journey of self-discovery, out of my comfort zone and got me connecting to people. I was able to participate and forget the office and thousands of things I could be doing if I was there. I have laminated my picture to remind me of who I am, purpose and what I have to give to others. I smile when I think of my day!