Poowong Consolidated School

This work became a catalyst for all work after: building collaboration, designing our school Instructional Model, working towards improving instructional practices and connecting with our students. There is no doubt […]


The Downstream-One project conducted by Shell in Australia brought together a large team from diverse ethnic and professional backgrounds. The team had to get up to speed quickly to meet […]

Australia Post – Peter Meehan

Just try to imagine the senior finance staff at Australia Post dressed in smocks and preparing a significant piece of art. Not easy, but successfully orchestrated by the team at […]

BP Australia

Earlier this year we were faced with the challenge of launching a new Vision & Mission for our Retail business. We wanted to launch it in a creative, innovative way […]

Foster’s Group

Creating a symbol of our future has helped us on our journey to align our leaders with our new business strategy. It was a fun, highly creative and interactive way […]

Kevin Sheedy

The success of the club is the combined effect of each individual. The Mind Gallery harnessed the passion and vision of each player and united them to create a strong […]


Thanks to the Mind Gallery we have on our wall a permanent reminder of our creative partnership and shared vision we have with Telstra. It has been a talking point […]

National Australia Bank

We engaged the Mind Gallery to assist us in bringing together a disparate group of highly skilled people from business and technology teams. While there was initial trepidation (creativity isn’t […]

The Age

Thank you, and your team, for facilitating a very successful event at The Age which has culminated in the unveiling of a truly unique piece of artwork created by my […]


The Mind Gallery brings an experience like no other. The concept of introducing fun and art to focus on all or part of your business is at first quite a […]