The BIG Picture

Live your life with meaning and feel energised every day!

The Big Picture workshops are inspired by Simon Sinek’s ‘Start with Why’ model, and use our immersive, creative tools to accelerate the process of finding and living your ‘Why’. (The purpose, cause or belief that inspires and energises you everyday)

The workshop lifts you out of the noise of the day to day and enables you to take a big picture view of your life. From here you can explore the times you have thrived, bringing your ‘Why’ into clear focus and also discovering your ‘How’, the perfect environment for you to thrive.

Capture it all in an original artwork, to anchor your learning and provide daily inspiration for your continued success.

The Big Picture is available for individuals or teams.

My BIG Picture

Discover what drives you


“Visionaries aren’t the only ones who have big ideas.
Visionaries are the ones who can clearly communicate their big ideas to others.”

– Simon Sinek


Humans need meaning and purpose to be happy, healthy and motivated. More and more we are realising this and searching for meaning to inspire all aspects of our life.

Discovering our purpose or ‘Why’ gives us a new lens to look through that opens up a new world of possibility and opportunity. The Big Picture workshop opens up this world and gives you the words to articulate a vision that draws people in and speaks to what they feel.

Big Picture Workshop outcomes:

  • Discover your unique Why
  • Identify how to bring your why to life
  • Look at the world through a new lens of limitless possibility
  • Capture your Big Picture in a work of art for daily inspiration

1 day duration

Available one on one, a private group session for your team, or join in on an open monthly workshop

Who is it for?

  • Individuals that want to find meaning and inspiration
  • Leaders that want to inspire their teams and stakeholders
  • Individuals that are looking to make a change and are looking for direction
  • Anyone that is feeling stuck

It was a mind blowing process….very inspiring and energising….I wish I had known it in my 20’s rather than in my 40’s, but better late than never!

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bp creative team building

BP Global Services – Karina Campbell,
HR and Culture Director

Team BIG Picture

Discover what drives your team

The goal is to feel a part of something, not just play a part in anything.

– Simon Sinek

People are looking for meaning, a sense of belonging and personal growth. Discovering your team’s ‘Why’ uncovers the true heart of the team, that inspires pride, belonging, trust and commitment. New and existing teams find meaning by focusing on the big picture, seeing beyond roadblocks and working together to turn challenges into opportunities.

The workshop itself is a creative and inspiring team building experience.  Relationships are deepened through visual storytelling, shared discovery, and the thrill of capturing it all in a fabulous work of art painted by the team (with a little help from our team).

Here are a few examples from some of our clients Team Big Picture’s:

  • “We make CSIRO shine, so the world is inspired” 
  • “Today we inspire the confidence to grow, so tomorrows possibilities are endless” 
  • “We shine a light in the darkness and illuminate the pathway to a kinder world for all” 

Team Big Picture Workshop outcomes

  • An authentic and inspiring Why statement
  • A deepening of relationships and understanding of each other
  • A change of perspective by seeing the world through a new lens of limitless possibility
  • A work of art that is a psychological anchor for daily inspiration

1 day duration

Who is it for?

  • Successful teams that want to bottle their DNA and ensure that new team members are the right fit
  • Remote or hybrid teams want to feel a sense of belonging and connection
  • New or rapidly growing teams that need to accelerate their sucesss
  • Teams that is feeling stuck or need energising

The Mind Gallery has a unique approach to creative team building and development.  The process of understanding a leaders “bigpicture” through to the completion of the team workshop was exhilarating, inclusive and collaborative and really made an impact on my marketing team.

The journey of discovery and creativity allowed my team to clearly develop and articulate the departments charter based on our reason for being (bigpicture) which is to “Make a Difference”  We have now embedded this work in the departments DNA with the team extremely proud of what they achieved through the process.  The artwork produced is now proudly displayed in the department.  I commend the Mind Gallery’s process to businesses wishing to identify department(s) roles, building a sense of team and pride in supporting each other.  This is a fun way to approach the seriousness of leading, team engagement, morale building and charter.

CPA AustraliaMurray Cherary
Executive General Manager Brand