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“Visionaries aren’t the only ones who have big ideas.
Visionaries are the ones who can clearly communicate their big ideas to others.” – Simon Sinek

Humans need meaning and purpose to be happy, healthy and motivated. More and more we are realising this and searching for meaning to inspire all aspects of our life.

Discovering our purpose or ‘Why’ gives us a new lens to look through that opens up a new world of possibility and opportunity. The Big Picture workshop opens up this world and gives you the words to articulate a vision that draws people in and speaks to what they feel.

Big Picture Workshop outcomes

  • Discover your unique Why
  • Identify how to bring your why to life
  • Look at the world through a new lens of limitless possibility
  • Capture your Big Picture in a work of art for daily inspiration

1 day duration

Available one on one, a private group session for your team, or join in on an open monthly workshop

Who is it for?

  • Individuals that want to find meaning and inspiration
  • Leaders that want to inspire their teams and stakeholders
  • Individuals that are looking to make a change and are looking for direction
  • Anyone that is feeling stuck

It was a mind blowing process….very inspiring and energising….I wish I had known it in my 20’s rather than in my 40’s, but better late than never!

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