Time out Team Mural – Mandala Gift Box

Remote Team Building Wellness Creativity Inspiration

Australia’s most inspiring and creative team building experience is now being delivered to your door!

The Mind Gallery inspire teams to connect and create with passion. We run awesome painting events where teams of all shapes and sizes love getting the creative juices flowing, loading a paintbrush with colour and losing their worries in the process.

We are thrilled to be able to deliver the experience to teams that are now working from home. All of our expertise has been lovingly poured into the design, which uses the power of Mandala to make it a magical personal experience as well as a powerful platform for team building.

The gift box is presented to surprise and excite! It is filled with the quality artist equipment and well thought out tricks and cheats that our corporate clients have come to expect. And best of all, we are express delivering it to their door!!

You also have the option to use your mandalas to create a Team Mural, or a private exhibition, and if you like, we will host a live kickoff and unveiling celebration.

All you have to do is craft an inspiring message to your team and tell us where to send each box, then sit back and watch the magic unfold.



Art is a proven tool for wellness. Creating a Mandala is a mindful, intoxicating experience that reinforces a deep sense of wholeness and wellbeing. Your Mandala will represent the unique gifts you bring to the world.

Remote Team Building

Share the magic of your mandala’s to bring everyone together. What do you see in others creations? It is a wonderful shared experience that reinforces a sense of connection and belonging.


Each box contains a personalised gift card with an inspiring message from the leader. Each mandala is a source of lasting inspiration.


Team Mural

Bring your mandala’s together to create a fabulous artwork and a lasting symbol of your passion and team spirit.

*optional extra

Live Launch & Unveiling

We will personally host a launch event to get everyone excited and onboard. One week later we will run an unveiling party to bring everyone together and celebrate.

*optional extra


Virtual Exhibition

Create a private virtual exhibition space to share your artwork. View the Vision4humanity exhibition to see what is possible.

*optional extra