Time Out Team Mural

Remote Team Building Package

Australia’s most inspiring and creative team building experience is now being delivered to your door!


The Mind Gallery have been running awesome painting events for over 20 years, so we know that teams of all shapes and sizes love getting their creative juices flowing, loading a paintbrush with colour and losing their worries in the process.

You are now to be able to give this intoxicating and creative experience to your team in the comfort of their home.

We have poured all of our expertise into the design, which uses the power of Mandala to make it a magical personal journey as well as a powerful platform for team building.

The Package includes:

  • Mandala Magic Gift Box
  • Live Online Launch and Unveiling
  • Team Mural – we will bring your mandalas together into one stunning mural


Art is a proven tool for wellness and creating a Mandala takes it to a whole new level. It is such a mindful, intoxicating experience that worries simply slip away. After creating the mandala, you will be refreshed and will most likely have new ideas and insights to solve any problems that have been on your mind.

My Big Picture

 Team Building

Share the magic of your mandala’s to bring everyone together. What was your experience like? What do you see in other peoples art? You can make it a wonderful shared experience that reinforces a deep sense of connection and belonging.


The inspiration starts when you open the box to find a personalised gift card with an inspiring message from your leader. Each mandala is a source of lasting inspiration as it represents the unique gifts you bring to the world. Collectively they are a lasting reminder of the powerful essence of your team.


Team Mural

Bring your mandala’s together to create a fabulous artwork and a lasting symbol of your passion and team spirit.

Live Launch & Unveiling

We will personally host a launch event to get everyone excited and onboard. A week or so later we will run an unveiling party to bring everyone together and celebrate.