Imagining the Future

Are you PLAYING to win?

About the last thing you would expect to find in the office, is people playing, it is associated with time wasting and being unprofessional. However, is it really a waste of time, and should it have a place in the office?

Keys to creative thinking

Often creativity is misinterpreted as a talent, but in fact it is more of a mode of operation. We all have an inherent creative side, it’s just a matter of allowing it to breath. During our workshops, people are astounded at the ‘creative talent’ in their group… but really all that is happening is that we give people permission to play and explore.

Get Your Team Moving

I saw this video, and it reminded me of how the simplest things can change the day to day routine of life into something fun and memorable. We all know what effect low energy and moral can have on an environment. We are less likely to open up and communicate, share and get involved. We often forget how easy it is to spread a little bit of happiness, and how powerful that can be.

Trish Shilton MC

We had a ball with the Group Finance Team from Asahi Beverages (Scwheppes).  They asked me to MC the day for their conference, and to add in some creativity.  To […]


We worked with the entire Perth office of King & Wood Mallesons.  As a global combination of over 2,700 lawyers, King & Wood Mallesons are cutting through the challenges facing […]

The Art of Insight

The Art of Insight was the name of the 3 day conference that I facilitated for the New Zealand Post Sales and Marketing Team.  It was a fantastic few days, and […]


NAB shine conference – Hamilton Island

Schools kill creativity

The famous talk from Sir Ken Robinson at Ted.