Taking a positive from Covid

What will your new normal look like? Open up your mind to what is possible and create an inspiring Vision for yourself or your Team.

Research shows that is takes unexpected change, or a prolonged break from routine for us to think outside of our ‘box’. In an extraordinary twist of fate, Covid has given us that opportunity.

Mind Gallery is all about inspiring possibility, so we couldn’t resist helping you to seize this opportunity – at no charge, with no gimmicks, just because we love what we do :)

Step 1 – Inspire Yourself

Treat yourself to an hour or so of relaxation, positive thinking and creative dabbling.

Using the tricks, techniques and weapons of mass construction we use at our hugely popular corporate events, we have crafted a free workshop to help you create a Vision for your ‘new normal’.

Your Vision is a simple mantra and image, which can be anything from a stick figure to a work of art.  Your Vision will ‘POP’ the balloon of stale air and old thinking that may be surrounding you, so you can see more clearly, think more creatively, relax and reset.

You can POP your Vision on the wall, POP it on your screen saver, POP it on the fridge, and it will POP to mind whenever you need it, to create the positive change you want in your life.

Step 2 – Inspire others

Research shows that we can amplify a good feeling by sharing it. What if we could POP the bubble of stale thinking that is surrounding the world and inspire a positive vision for humanity? You can help by uploading your personal Vision to the Vision4humanity Exhibition

Once the exhibition has more than 500 entries, we will create a digital animated collaborative artwork, inspired by your key words. You can clearly see the key words in the live word cloud as you enter the exhibition.

So grab your weapons of mass construction (a pencil will do), and check out the My Vision Workshop Video to POP that balloon of stale thinking, and breath darling!!!

If you already have an image and a vision upload it straight away using the form below.

Upload your Vision to the exhibition

Vision4Humanity: Submit Art

  • This will be displayed with your artwork.
  • Provide any links that you would like listed with your artwork.
  • If you are part of a team we will display your artwork together under your team name.
  • We will email to let you know your submission has been approved.
  • 50 words or less to describe what you think is possible for you and the world around you.
  • What would the world need to value in order to bring your vision to life?
  • Please submit JPG files only, and limit file size to under 4MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.