What’s In The Box

Time out Team Mural – Mandala Gift Box

Presentation & Instruction

Trish will kickoff your event with this inspiring video presentation to get everybody fired up and ready to go. You will also have access to ‘how to’ videos to step through the process of creating a Mandala including tips, techniques and sneaky cheats to have you creating like a pro.

Mandala Board

30cm x 30cm prepared with black paint to make color pop. Both sides have been prepared so you can do two Mandalas if you like.

Templates, Guides & Tools

Your kit includes printed templates of multiple mandala designs, perfectly sized to fit your board. The guides have been carefully curated by our artist team, so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Brushes, Dotting Tools and Magic Marker

A selection of quality artist brushes, plus a special precision brush. Tools for creating different size dots, and the ultimate sneaky cheat tool; a marker that works specifically with the black board, to create all sorts of special effects and easy clean-ups.

Paints & Colour Guide

Mixing colour is a lovely mindful process. You can make all of the colours under the rainbow with these gorgeous paints, and our fool proof mixing guide.

Pallet and Pallet Knife

The artist quality knife is for mixing but is also a great painting tool. The pallet has plenty of space for holding and mixing colour.

Wooden Display Easel

Crafted wooden hinged easel, finished with gloss black paint and the perfect size for your board, so you can keep your artwork on display for daily inspiration.